VJN & Associates is one of the top accounting firms in New York.  VJN & Associates is a full-service CPA tax accountant located in New York City

Why Choose Us?

  1. Tax Attack plan - Lowering your taxes is a daily job. We don't 'wait and see'until tax time.Instead we will aggressively lower your tax obligations from day one.
  2. Audit-Relief - Not only can we shield your from frivolous audits, we can also handle any ongoing audit with ease. I know exactly what the IRS is looking for and I will help your sail through the process with zero stress and hassle.
  3. Profit Detective - Believe it or not, your business is probably hiding untapped profit opportunities!Once you become a client, I 'will dig into your financial statements and look for these profit honey-pots!
  4. We guarantee that your calls and questions will be responded in 24 hours, no exceptions.
  5. We guarantee timely filing your returns,if any late filing causes by us, we pay the penalty and no second word.
  6. We research the new tac or accounting rules will impact your industry in cuttent year,and we write article about them, send to our clients, we also send out emails to client for tax tips.
  7. We have a marketing program that is very effective that we share with our clients, the program is very effective especially in professional service industry, with no charge.


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